Pipe and Water Services

Pressure testing

Wells Services Pipe Pressure TestingOur pressurisation is completed using a variety of hydrostatic test pumps sized specifically for the type and size of pipe to be tested. All pumps are pressure variable and are fitted with pressure relief valves which are set on site to the required test pressure.

We are also able to offer services on larger diameter polyethylene mains using our high flow rate pumps, ensuring a quick and accurate site test and enabling the overall pipeline commissioning process to be shortened.

The testing of all creep reactive materials Is performed using industry standard pressure data loggers. Using the most recent technology our technicians are able to download all logger results, allowing interpretation to take place immediately on site.

Pipe ServicingWe are also able to perform the testing of solid pipe materials such as Ductile Iron and PVC using the water loss procedure and the standard certified test gauge and manifold.

Our testing is completed in accordance with the WRC publication 'A guide to Testing of Water Supply Pipelines and Sewer Rising Mains' although we are able to accommodate other client specific test requirements.

Swabbing and swab tracking

Swabbing can be completed using a wide variety of foam swabs of various densities for different applications, from soft foam swabs for drying and wiping of pipelines to hard foam swabs with criss-cross wire brushes to remove hard scale and heavy deposits.

We are happy to now be able to offer you swab tracking services where a transmitter is towed behind the swab as it travels along the main pipe. We can use this service to locate a lost swab. This can give large cost advantages over the traditional dig to locate method of locating lost swabs.


We now have a Clean Water CCTV Unit for probing and testing potable water pipework from 80mm to 800mm. Data is supplied on a 4GB Waterproof Flash Drive.